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۞ Mystick ۞ Life-Long Learner ۞

Transpersonal Therapist

Client-Centred Counsellor. Cert Ed

45yrs experiential learning between the mainstreams of education and the complementary fields of learning.

A Traditional Mystick Multidimensional, Modern Shaman Psychopomp, Occult Researcher & Universal Hierophant who facilitates a lceum Of Universal Light-Keepers

An Arch Druid Clan Of Dana

FOI (Fellowship Of Isis)

Tarot interpreter, Reiki Master, Astrologer Metaphysician. The psychics Psychic.

Universal Mystic - On The H*edge Witchery

I am a Generational Mystic and my Grandmother was 102 when she passed away in Sept 2014. Her lovely feisty energy was/is my Guide and Teacher. Raised and mentored by her, I came to learn a myriad of tentative skills. She was wise but more so than wise, she was a gentle soul with the sting of a Scorpion. 

During my lifetime's excursions, practices, and experiences with her, I was exposed to many ancient and modern ways of crafting acquisition and synchronising with the spirals of life. This included historical and inherited garden magic, kitchen magic, abundance magic, healing magic, planetary magic, astrology, tarot and many many other models of transpersonal learning and co-creating.

My Grandmother told me many stories of the Silures (hers/mine descendants) and that they came to be powerful and war like tribe protecting their lands 

The Silures and neighbouring tribes gave the Romans the hardest time of all the other Ancient tribes across the isles. SE Wales and adjoining areas did not give in easily to the Roman invasion and history tells us nothing more than that they gave it their best go and in the end history leads us to believe, overcome.

She, my Grandmother raised me to understand that magic/k belonged to an individual and the best of that magic/k would happen entwined with the natural order of the universe and that in the spirit of peace and unity. all things would come to pass in a favourable light.

It wouldn't be proper not to thank all of the people in my life who have given me easy or tough lessons that I thought were against me, and in the end it did not matter for or against at all. The lessons I have learned could not have been taught to me in any in any other way or by any other person than the one that the lesson came from.

I have departed from the past and I look forward to the future. More than anything, the most important of times of my life are right here and right now! Where are you right now!?

Brightest Of Blessings

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