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We most of us have faced expensive professional healing consultants for help as a seeker, and then the very long free waiting lists for talking and healing therapies. At the bottom of every page is a chat box speech bubble. Click to talk and we will get back to you, if not immediately, not long after you have contacted us. The website is a free wix site but is looking ok-ish lol - Constructive feedback always welcomed - Gaia Williams

Confidentiality and Ethics

Anything you share with us here at healing world will remain confidential. It is only in exceptional circumstances that I would seek your agreement to break confidentiality.

Trained as a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. I abide by its Ethical Framework and guidelines. 

A member of National Health Service Trusted (NHST)

CertEd Teacher Trainer. Adv Diploma Client Centred & Person Centred Therapy. RSA, Critical Incident debriefing. I am subject to peer assessment and supervision.

Outreach worker with thousands of learning hours for a myriad of primary mental health care skills, qualifications and experiences.

Having been a practicing Mystic most of my life, I am able to offer esoteric models of healing when interactive.

Natures Healing World have a positive online presence, in the outreaching services. I myself am well practiced at bridging the gap between high costs healing and counselling for an individual, and the amount of time you have to wait for initial contact with a healer/counsellor in primary mental health care.

The work that we do is ongoing and critically busy....

Outreach Codes Of Conduct: What We Do
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