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Transformation Guidance

 Transpersonal guidance is a branch of psychology which focuses on a spiritual mystical aspects of the human mind and is soul centred. It can be a very icy and a very slippery field to define, because many transpersonal psychologists integrate a variety of disciplines into their practice like we do, essentially it is about transcending or moving beyond ordinary human existence

With a universal and non-denominational approach to spirituality 'Healing World' delivers tangible, actual and virtual support, for those who seek to live a wholesome life.

Drawing upon ancient, archetypal wisdom and contemporary wholistic insight, we are a non-profiting volunteer project-ion designed to enhance well-being on the whole.

We resonate converged personal and professional skill sharing, as we integrate vibrancy and 'spirit' of unity into our lives

What is Transpersonal Guidance?

There are various stances in the academic world about the term transpersonal. At healing world it is taken as ‘out of the ordinary experience’ and refers to experiences, processes and events in which our normal neurons may make no sense of them.   

Making sense of our ‘out of the ordinary experiences’ is what Healing World can guide you with.

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Transpersonal Development: What We Do
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