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Huntington Castle, also known as Clonegal Castle

Fellowship Of Isis: News

Arch Druidess Gaia

Druid Clan Of Dana

Universal Grove Of Light Keepers

More information about the

Fellowship Of Isis coming soon!


“Isis is sometimes symbolized by the head of a cow; occasionally the entire animal is her symbol. The first gods of the Scandinavians were licked out of blocks of ice by the Mother Cow (Audhumla), who symbolized the principle of natural nutriment and fecundity because of her milk. Occasionally Isis is represented as a bird. She often carries in one hand the crux ansata, the symbol of eternal life, and in the other the flowered sceptre, symbolic of her authority.”

- Manly Palmer Hall (Secret Teachings of All Ages)

Goddess Isis, her way is the flow of nurture and Love.

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